NEW: How to run Eclipse and a Simulation OFF-CAMPUS

by wiiburwiibur , on 27 Oct 2008 04:22

I have just finished the basic guide to running Eclipse and a simulation across the internet. While slow, this is the best I can do for the moment. I am looking into more efficient methods to accomplishing this. Of course, I will be adding more information to this guide in the near future. Please try it out and ask any questions you have in the forums, and I will assist as best I can.


Check it out!

Running a Simulation Off-Campus

Wiki created and Forums UP

by wiiburwiibur , on 21 Oct 2008 19:52

Hi Everyone,

My name is William Thornton. I'm a junior here at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. I am majoring in Computer Science as well as Physics. I will also be managing the wiki page and forums for the Comp. Sci. Dpt.'s multi-agent system project CASE.

The goal of this site is to create a manual of sorts so ordinary users are able to create simulations with the CASE system. I have tried to start off with the very basics of getting your local system set up to create a simulation, and then using your local system to actually create the simulation. Alternatively, some users may not use a local system, but rather use the machines located on the Trinity University campus. I strive to provide documentation for both cases (off-campus users will have to go through quite a few more steps than on-campus, and all the steps are not quite worked out as of yet, but we're working on it).

Naturally, this guide will grow and change, becoming increasingly helpful for users wishing to create simple simulations as well as advanced simulations.

That's all I've got for now, drop by the forums and say hi.


Let's get started!


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